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Thesis editing service

Our thesis experts will professionally improve your thesis or dissertation. We are ready to provide you with the full-stack service starting from Academic Editing and Proofreading, Structure and Clarity check, to professional Plagiarism Check and Plagiarism Removal services.

Thesis editing service
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Improve the structure of your sentences

We’re always on watch of improving the language from beginning to the end of your thesis. Not one mistake whether the spelling or typing kind is safe from us, that includes sentence structure and word choosing.

Our goal is to guide you in successfully dodging any mistakes. Let your text be fully impeccable!

Improve the structure of your thesis
Turn your thesis academic

Turn it academic

Our editors are well aware of any arising issues such as abbreviations, informal language or any other issue. We will ensure that your text complies with the academical standards.

Improve the impact

An editor will provide additional recommendations on how to make your thesis mesmerizing. With the additional Structure Check service, the essay editor will provide feedback about the organization of sections, the order of information, repetition and redundancy, transitions between paragraphs.

With the plagiarism removal service, we will assure that your thesis meets all the authenticity standards.

Improve the impact of your thesis
Happines is guaranteed

Happiness guaranteed!

We will seek to make your thesis the best possible. If you’re not totally happy with the result, just get in touch with us to resolve the issue.

Highly available

We are leaving the discretion of choosing a deadline into your hands. As it comes to delivering the result you can choose between 7 days, 3 days, 48 hours.

Your deadlines are sacred to us. Keep calm knowing that you’ll have your essay back on time.

Always available

What students say about us

Take a look at the feedback of some of our clients.

Let us improve your thesis

Let us improve your thesis

Every single one of our professionals has years behind them as it comes to writing and editing any academic material. As the experts in their respective fields, they are here to help you improve your language and give out tips on the structure of your document. Moreover, our AI always helps our editors to provide you top-notch results.

Starting at $0.014 per word

Clear thesis editing process

Upload your thesis

At first, you simply choose which services you are interested in and what deadline suits you the most, provide all the details, and share your thesis.

Proofreading and editing

Our thesis editor starts editing your thesis using our Writing Improvement Canvas, the details, and the requirements you’ve provided. 

Revision and submission

As soon as the thesis editor finishes his task, we send you the edited paper. If you have any questions, just start a chat with the support team! 

Why the

Academic thesis authority

We are creating language technologies such as technologies for grammar checkers. We use our knowledge to help you deliver the best possible writing assignment or application essay.

Personalized feedback

With a perfectly proofread thesis, our editor will also send you a personal note with an overview of your most common mistakes. This will help you to improve your writing.

Customer feedback

The feedback of our customers is the best evaluation for us. Please check some of the feedbacks of our customers to get a better understanding of how do they feel about our services.

Comply with academic ethics

Our services totally comply with academic ethic. We do not write a thesis or modify the content. We focus on a perfect edition and the assurance of authenticity. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Lets start improving your thesis right away!