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Plagiarism Checker Services

Plagiarism check provided by partnering with Oxford Similarity Checker, which is used by schools, universities and research institutes worldwide.

  • Database of scholarly articles
  • Exceptionally detailed verification
  • Loved by students worldwide
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Mature technology

We employ technology with the 10-year-history of constant development. Our software only highlights the similarities that most likely are plagiarism. Any occurring false-positives, such as commonly used words and phrases along with your reference list are ignored.

Database of scholarly articles

Your paper will be compared against not only the standard database, which covers internet sources such as books, encyclopedias, repositories, billions of web pages, but also to the database of 80 million scholarly articles.

Fully confidential

Feel safe and secure by using our plagiarism checker. We will not add your documents to any plagiarism database or leave them at our servers. After the plagiarism check is complete, we will send you the report and delete the document from our servers.

Plagiarism check service

Detect most of the types of plagiarism

Unline many many other plagiarism checkers, our plagiarism checker detects the various types of plagiarism. Would it be Copy & Paste plagiarism, Paraphrasing plagiarism or the other type of plagiarism, we will highlight the similarities and provide the link to the original source.

Type of plagiarismSub-type of plagiarism
Idea plagiarism Not detecting 
Copy-paste plagiarismVerbatim plagiarism  Detecting 
Self-plagiarism  Detecting 
Clone plagiarism  Detecting 
Recycle plagiarism Detecting 
Mashup plagiarism Detecting 
Aggregator plagiarism Detecting 
Re-tweet plagiarism Detecting 
Improper reference plagiarismInvalid sources  Detecting 
Secondary sources  Detecting 
No sources  Detecting 
Paraphrase plagiarismMosaic plagiarism  Detecting 
Remix plagiarism  Detecting 
Hybrid plagiarism  Detecting 
Find-Replace plagiarism  Detecting 
Translation plagiarism Partially detecting 

Used by researchers

Our plagiarism tool is heavily used by researches, who value the accuracy of the results.

Why? Our database contains not only websites but also the collection of more than 80 million scholarly articles from the best-known scientific publishers worldwide.

Detailed plagiarism report

Using our plagiarism checker we will provide you with the detailed plagiarism report. This will let you to analyze and correct your mistakes.

Plagiarism scores

The plagiarism percentage shows what portion of your paper is matched with other sources.

The percentage score is the first score to determine the probability that the paper is plagiarized.

There are some more scores as well that helps in quickly understanding the quality of the paper.

Highlighted similarities

All the similarities in the reports are highlighted so you are able to quickly review the whole document.

You will also notice that the quotations, improper quotations, paraphrasings are highlighted differently. Different colors will help you to focus on different types of areas of concern in your document.

Matched sources

In the similarity report, you will be able to see all the sources that match your paper. All the matched parts will be highlighted.

Highlighting will help you easily analyze the similarity report. You will be able to reach the source following the hyperlink to it.

Sources will allow you to attribute the used parts of text correctly.

How the plagiarism checker works


Upload your document in Word or PDF format. 129 languages are supported.


Your document will be compared against billions of web pages, encyclopedias, books, journals, repositories and other content.


We will provide you the plagiarism report with matched similarities for further evaluation and correction of your paper.

Features of our plagiarism checker

Mature technology

We partner with Oxford Similarity Checker who provides mature technology that counts nearly 10-year of developing history.

Fully multilingual

Our plagiarism checker can detect plagiarism in many languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and other major languages. 129 languages overall are supported.

Extended scoring

The plagiarism checker not only shows the similarity score. Reports are enhanced with more scores, such as the concentration score, citing score, improper citing score, paraphrasing score. You have more scores to analyze and get a better understanding of what will your teacher see in their report.

What are the fees?

We use a simple and well understandable pricing model. The plagiarism check with the standard database will cost you 1c per 100 words.

The addition of the database of scholarly articles will add 5c per 100 words to the final price.


10-page research paper30-page project60-page thesis
Simple database0.25 $0.75 $1.50 $
Database of scholarly articles1.25 $3.75 $7.50 $
Both databases1.50 $4.50 $9.00 $

Plagiarism removal service

Plagiarism removal service is the service to ensure the authenticity of your paper. Our well-trained editor will check your paper and edit it to comply with the copyright laws. 

The editor will focus on finding the missing attributions and modifying the content to ensure that there are no large and uncited parts of the text left in your paper.

What should you expect?

  • Missing citations will be added to the text
  • Large parts of the similarity will be rewritten
  • The overall similarity score will get much lower than initial score

The price

The price for plagiarism removal service depends on the amount of similarities which is found in your paper. The cost of the service is 0.059 per matched word.


Let’s say you have 60-pages (15000 words) thesis with 28% of similarities found in it. Not all the words are matched in this paper. Only 28% (4200 words) matches other sources. So the price will be 4200 * 0.059 = 247.8 $.

Let’s say you have 3-pages (750 words) essay with 38% of similarities found in it. Not all the words are matched in this paper. Only 38% (285 words) matches other sources. So the price will be 285* 0.059 = 16.81 $.