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Paper editing service

Are you searching for any help with your paper? Our expert paper editors will greatly improve the quality of your paper by improving your paper’s structure, vocabulary, grammar and the assurance of authenticity.

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Get your style improved

It does not matter what type of paper we are dealing with, our editors will improve the style of your paper. Our editors will improve your paper’s sentence structure, word choice, and consistency.

The editor will make comments on redundant phrases, language, and confusing sentences to help you deliver clear writings.

Essay editing and proofreading
Clear the mistakes

Clear the mistakes

Our editors will clear the mistakes in your paper.

Not only spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes will be corrected. The editor will also check any words misused, commas misplaced, words written in incorrect order, and tenses that are inconsistent.

Assure the authenticity

Our editor will check your paper to ensure that all the borrowings from other papers are attributed correctly. The editors will add missing citations and sources. Editors will also restructure your text to make sure that borrowings will not be considered as plagiarism. 

The assurance of authenticity is the straight way to lower the similarity scores and ensure that your paper will not be considered as plagiarism.

Improve the impact
Happiness guaranteed

Happiness guaranteed!

We will seek to make your paper the best it can be. In case you’re not totally happy with the result, we’ll promptly resolve the issue.

Any deadlines

Our Paper Editing Service is available 24/7. You decide when you want your paper proofread and edition reach you: within 24 hours3 days or 7 days. Our editors are always ready to complete your tasks: even on weekends and holidays.

Strict deadlines

What students say about us

Take a look at the feedback of some of our clients.

Expert editors

Made by expert paper editors

We carefully select our editors who proofread and edit your papers. They are all native speakers and university graduates. They all have years of experience editing your papers.

Starting at $0.014 per word

Clear paper editing process

Upload your paper

At first, you simply select which services you need and what deadline you want the services to be completed, provide some details, and share your assignment prompt.

Proofreading and editing

The paper proofreader starts to edit your paper based on our Writing Improvement Canvas and the details and requirements you’ve provided. 

Revision and submission

As soon as the paper editor finishes the edition, you are provided with the edited paper. If you have any questions, just start a chat with the support team! 

Why the

Academic paper authority

We are creating language technologies such as technologies for grammar checkers. We use our knowledge to help you deliver the best possible writing assignment or application essay.

Personalized feedback

With a perfectly proofread essay, our editor will also send you a personal note with an overview of your most common mistakes. This will help you to improve your writing.

Customer feedback

The feedback of our customers is the best evaluation for us. Please check some of the feedbacks of our customers to get a better understanding of how do they feel about our services.

Comply with academic ethics

Our services totally comply with academic ethic. We do not write essays or modify the content. We focus on a perfect edition. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Lets start improving your paper!